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FridgeMagnets.com® takes pride in supplying you with only high quality magnetic products that not only perform well, but stand the test of time and do it for years and years. As a result, we ensure that we only use the best materials and machinery at our disposal for the magnets you require.

On this page, we break down the materials and processes used on each of our products so that you can better understand why we choose the materials we do and so that you can know what to look for when shopping around and checking out competitor's specifications.


Fridge Magnets that are manufactured by FridgeMagnets.com® have three components as seen below. The material is 24mil with a finished overall thickness of 30mil.

Fridge Magnet Material
FridgeMagnets.com® uses a 0.6mm thick commercial grade rubber-iron alloy with high magnesium content for a strong hold on fridges and filing cabinets that does not diminish over the years. It is flexible and returns to its flat shape even after being bent. It can withstand a maximum temperature of 80°C.

Fridge Magnets
Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnet Printed Stock
FridgeMagnets.com® uses an 80lb cover for printing artwork onto fridge magnets. This is then adhered to our magnetic material to make it stick. The thin art stock is great because it is less likely to peel off and ‘dog-ear' from the magnetic material. It is also lighter than thicker stocks, meaning your magnet can hold more on the fridge.

Fridge Magnets - CelloSheen Finish
FridgeMagnets.com® uses a clear cellosheen gloss finish to give the finished magnet a nice professional appearance while protecting the magnet from fading and getting dirty after years of being on someone's fridge.

Fridge Magnets Manufacturing Process
FridgeMagnets.com® uses a High Definition CMYK Digital Print Process to ensure excellent quality and full color images and magnet designs as well as fast turnaround times. Operating costs are also relatively low on shorter runs allowing us to sell magnets in shorter runs without having to charge any nasty setup fees.

The print is adhered to the magnetic material and the cellosheen then seals all that advertising potential into each fridge magnet.

Fridge Magnets

Welcome to our materials information page. Here you can learn what we make our premium quality fridge magnets from and the process we go through to ensure that the product you receive is nothing short of the best. We get that your customized fridge magnets are an extension of you and your business so we go to extreme lengths to ensure that your magnets are not only meeting your expectations, but exceeding them. We go above and beyond to source the finest quality materials, equipment, machinery and processes to ensure that you not only get high quality magnets, but that you get them fast and affordably.

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