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Shaped Fridge Magnets are the premium solution to advertising your business magnetically. They are more eye-catching and stand out significantly more than square corner and round corner square and rectangle frifge magnets. There are two kinds of shaped fridge magnets available for order from These are Stock Shaped Magnets and Custom Shaped Magnets.

Stock Shaped Fridge Magnets are shaped refrigerator magnets that come in a shape that we have manufactured previously, meaning we already have a stock die available that we can use to cut them. While there are quite a number of them to choose from, our library of stock shapes continues to grow as we take and process more orders for shaped magnets. Essentially stock shaped magnets, while more unique in appearance than square or round corner magnets, tend to be somewhat generic and can be purposed for many businesses within an industry or business category, or perhaps even across multiple categories depending on what shape it is. For example, tooth shaped magnets tend to be suitable for use by most dentists or orthodontists but on the other hand, a van shaped magnet could be utilized by any professional trade that does call-outs such as a plumber, electrician, mechanic or even a removalist. 

If you want to ensure you get a completely new and unique design for your business, you should order Custom Shaped Magnets. These magnets are cut out as per your instruction and will often result in a fridge magnet in a shape that has never been manufactured before. Because you have the creative freedom to create magnets in whatever shape you please, you can go crazy with your design, with many companies opting to use them as branding magnets that follow the shape of their company logo, something that no other company can legally reproduce.

Usually shaped magnets come with additional costs such as die or forme setup fees but here at, our innovative production process enables us to wear the cost of the die so that you don't have to. What this means is that you pay for your fridge magnets without having to bear the weight of expensive die setup fees. 

In addition to free die setup, you also get free artwork design when you order, meaning if you need help designing a custom shaped magnet, we can help or even design you something from scratch. All you need to do is place an order for a custom shape or order one of our pre-existing stock shapes. 

If you would like to design your own artwork, we have templates available on all our stock shape magnets. Simply click the artwork tab on the stock shape magnet product page of your choosing and download the artwork template for that product. Templates are not available for custom shaped magnets of course, as we do not know what shape you want until you provide us with artwork or tell us what you want.

Don't delay, you need to order your shaped magnets today and beat your competitors to the punch. Get promoting to drive more leads, enquiries and sales to your business now!

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