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Photo Frame Magnets

People love photos. The problem is displaying them. Some photos are awesome and you want to see them all the time, but you don’t want to go as far as to go out and purchase a frame, nail a hole in the wall and hang it up. Imagine how thankful you would be if you were to receive a photo frame magnet from a local business. For free!

Photo frame magnets do just that. They allow your potential clients to hold precious memories up on their refrigerator without the need for any nails or holes in the wall. The beauty is you can add your branding. This means that everybody who looks at the photo being held up will see your business information, prompting them to visit your restaurant, call your firm, place an order online or call you out to fix their sink.

Because your magnetic photo frame holds up your client’s photo, the memory becomes associated with your business, making customers more familiar with your business and more likely to consider your services before any of your competitors.

This can often save you a lot of expensive clicks on paid search, as people tend to call or enquire directly through the information on the photo frame magnet. The convenience also eliminates the need for a search entirely.

As an advertising tool, photo frame magnets are incredibly long lasting, with many customers keeping them for longer than 5 years. This is a stark contrast to similar advertising methods such as flyers which often find themselves thrown out the moment the customer is done reading them. Not many other forms of advertising continue to promote for this long.

Another great thing about photo frame magnets is the ability to order them with or without the insert inside. Essentially, with the insert you get a frame to hold up photos, as well as some other magnet to help organise other documents such as bills on the fridge. This gives you even more advertising real estate on the refrigerator meaning your business can expect even more exposure.

Because they are so useful, customers will not want to throw them out and will continue to use them over the years as they get new photos to hold up. Your branded magnetic photo frame will advertise to them every single time they look at the photo as well as whenever a member of the household visits the fridge for a refreshing beverage or delicious snack. If you also get the insert, this exposure is doubled.

This is also true for people just visiting who happen to walk over and take a look at the photo.

Photo frame magnets are typically square or rectangular as you would expect, but they don’t have to be and neither does the internal cut out. This allows you to get really creative with your design, meaning you can make your photo frame magnet and insert stand out on your customer’s refrigerators.

If you want to score yourself a large amount of advertising space in your customer’s homes, you need to order custom photo frame magnets today!

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