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Using shaped refrigerator magnets to promote your business is an inexpensive way to get the word out about what you offer. Even better, you’ll enjoy lasting publicity and return customers for years. In this day and age, it’s exciting to realize that the simplest of marketing strategies can still work beautifully.

In essence the usefulness of a refrigerator magnet prompts people to keep refrigerator magnets at a significantly higher rate than other forms of printed media such as business cards and flyers, as well as encourage people to keep them for even longer. Print advertising is useless when stashed in a drawer or is tossed in the trash. Refrigerator magnets excel at advertising because they sit in a prominent spot on your customer’s refrigerator all day for years.

Shaped refrigerator magnets boost this appeal to customers even further by featuring a unique and visually appealing design. When shaped magnets sit on the refrigerator, they demand even more attention, meaning you get more exposure for your business and in turn, more leads and sales.

Because shaped refrigerator magnets are made in a shape that usually reflects your business’ industry, they are easy to spot by customers when they want to utilize your products or services.

Because they stand out so much, they demand customer attention meaning that you get more impressions over the life of the magnet. The more eyeballs your magnets get, the more likely customers are to call when they need your services. It’s that simple.

We offer the ability to order any shape you like with no additional setup fees or costs. THis means you can order the exact shape you want. By ordering a unique custom shaped refrigerator magnet, you ensure that your customers receive something with a design they have never seen before.

These kinds of shaped refrigerator magnets are well sought after, with many customers considering them decorative pieces in their home.

This is particularly true when it comes to cute designs or ones that reference popular culture in some way. Customers love receiving shaped refrigerator magnets that do this in some way or another.
Popular shaped refrigerator magnets include, water drop shaped magnets, house shaped magnets, round refrigerator magnets, van shaped magnets and shaped business card magnets. Don’t let that limit you though, we manufacture in any shape or size! Let your creativity run wild and order your fridge magnets in whatever shape you want with no additional setup fees.

Start getting your business into people’s homes, onto their fridges and advertise to them everyday with shaped refrigerator magnets.

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