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Sports Schedule Magnets

Sports Schedule Magnets are an awesome way to make students at your school or college aware of who, when and where your team is playing throughout the season. Because they are magnetic these schedule magnets can easily be placed up on the refrigerator, reminding everyone in a household or dorm to go and support their team. Sports schedule magnets are seldom lost and help to improve attendance rates for the games of teams that distribute them.

First of all, people love receiving refrigerator magnets because they are useful. Sports schedule magnets are no exception but they are valued even more because they show people how they can go and support their local team. Sport schedule magnets are sought after for this reason alone but they can also be used by sponsors in order to drive enquiries and sales from their local club’s fans.

Local businesses often sponsor the production of their local team’s sports schedule magnets so that they can reach a highly relevant audience of people who are interested in sports or who just really want to support their local teams. This option is particularly popular amongst gyms, sporting goods shops or stores that sell branded merchandise for the sporting team itself.

Sports schedule magnets, on top of being an awesome resource that people look at on the regular, are really useful for potential customers because they can organize photos and bills on the front of their refrigerator. This scores your sports schedule magnets prime advertising real estate over the course of an entire season.

Because sports schedule magnets also help to drive attendance rates, they are particularly effective at generating sales for your business if you are a store near or inside the sporting stadium where games take place. This of course extends to businesses such as food or beverage stands, or the stadium itself.

Sports schedule magnets are constant advertisers, making customers familiar with your business or branding subconsciously even when customers are cooking or getting themselves a snack or beverage from the refrigerator. The effect is even greater when they use your sports schedule magnet to check who, when and where their team is playing. Customers are always thankful for having the information there without even having to google it.

There are a number of different kinds of sports schedule magnets you can order. There are standard rectangular ones but if you really want your sports schedule magnets to stand out, why not order them in the shape of something related to your sport, school or college. Popular kinds include baseball shaped refrigerator magnets, glove shaped refrigerator magnets, football shaped refrigerator magnets and helmet shaped refrigerator magnets. Don’t let that limit you though, you can get your sports schedule magnets made into any shape you want with no additional setup costs. As a result, mascot shaped refrigerator magnets are becoming a popular hit.

Build the attendance rates to your local team’s games and start selling more of your products and services with sports schedule magnets.

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