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House Shaped Magnets

House Shaped Magnets are the perfect kind of refrigerator magnet for promoting realtors, professionals and tradespeople who do their best work on, or in their clients’ homes. They are die cut and completely customizable to suit your specific needs.

Customers already love receiving refrigerator magnets but if you give them one that is a bit more interesting and visually appealing they are even more likely to keep it. House shaped refrigerator magnets are perfect for just that and show off the fact that you specialize in home-based services.

In addition to the high keep rates of refrigerator magnets in the shape of a house, these fridge magnets are often kept by clients for really long periods of time (usually 5 years or more).

Other than their visual appeal, the reason that house shaped magnets have such high keep rates and long keep times, especially when compared to regular flyers, is their usefulness. Clients can use them to organize items on their refrigerators and really appreciate the convenience of having such a useful household tool as a result.

It really goes a lot further to give a really cool-looking house shaped refrigerator magnet to a client compared to a flyer that will get tossed the moment they are done reading it. It shows that you actually care about your customers because you are not spamming them with completely useless junk mail and are instead providing your clients with something that they can use.

While we do have some suggestions as to the exact shape of the house magnet you order, you can actually order these die cut house magnets in any shape with no additional fees or setup costs, meaning you can get the exact house shape you want.

On top of being able to customize the exact shape of your House Shaped Refrigerator Magnets, you can customize the exact size. What this means is that depending on your specific marketing requirements, you can include a greater amount of information or use larger images on your house shaped magnets.

Popular styles of house shaped magnets include house shaped calendar magnets, house shaped important numbers magnets, house shaped business card magnets and house shaped information magnets. Once again, while these are the popular options, you can order whatever design you’d like.

Our minimum order quantity for house shaped magnets is 1,000 units. This is because we found that overall campaign performance increases drastically if you order this amount or more. Any less and you are missing out on a huge opportunity to gain a heap of extra business in your local area.

Order your house shaped magnets today to start advertising in your clients’ homes. Be ready to get extra work and start making more money.

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