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Important Numbers Magnets show that you or your business are an integral part of your local community. They are refrigerator magnets that have a list of phone numbers for useful or popular local services. These could include emergency services, mechanics, IT support, plumbing professionals, electricians, your local doctor or fumigation experts to name a few.

Important numbers refrigerator magnets are pretty damn useful for your clients to have, making them much more likely to keep them if you send them one. If they ever need to call a local service, all the information is right there in an easy to find location on the front of their refrigerator. When they look at the magnet, they look at your branding, in turn developing a positive image of you in their mind.

Important numbers magnets can be quite flexible in their design as you can simply adjust the amount of phone numbers on the magnet to accommodate the size you are ordering. Of course, if you want to take up a large amount of advertising space on your clients’ refrigerators, you should order something bigger and include a decent list of numbers.

Important phone numbers magnets are fully customizable meaning you can order them in any shape or size that you like without any additional setup costs. This allows you to order magnets that really convey your message as well as ones that speak to your customers and make people want to hold onto them.

Like other kinds of refrigerator magnets, important numbers magnets are useful to customers. This is already in addition to the list of numbers. Refrigerator magnets allow customers to organize photos, notes and documents on the front of their refrigerator. Because these magnets are that useful, clients keep them for ages (usually 5 years or more).

Because important numbers magnets are kept by you clients for so long, your business will get a ton of exposure over the life of the magnet. Your magnet will sit on the refrigerator and show your business information to anybody who goes to claim a delicious snack or beverage. Think about how many times you visit your refrigerator in a day. Then a week. Remember, people keep these things for more than 5 years. That is a massive amount of exposure from just one magnet.

If you want to make your important numbers magnets even more appealing to your clients, why not order them in a custom shape? Shaped important numbers magnets have a unique appearance and really stand out when placed on the refrigerator. Because you can order any shape without any additional setup fees, you can even customize the shape of your magnet to match your industry.

The minimum order quantity for these important numbers magnets is 1,000 units. We only deal with customers who are serious about making their business grow and our research has shown that campaign effectiveness starts to significantly increase when ordering magnets at quantities at this or greater.

Order important numbers magnets now or one of your competitors will beat you to the punch. These products are made for the pure purpose of generating more revenue for you and your business so why would you wait? Enquire today!

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