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Do you want to be there for your customers around the clock for the next 5 years? Probably not, but don’t worry. You can be easily with some information magnets. Provide your customers with some quick tips, a menu, a series of your industry’s FAQs or a CPR or kitchen conversions chart.

Clients love receiving information magnets for their sheer usefulness. By having a piece of useful info on your branded information magnet, you encourage potential clients to look at and consult your magnet on the regular, providing a huge amount of exposure for and generating a positive image of your brand.

Information magnets can even save you time on dealing with dead-end enquiries. How? Provide a simple troubleshooting chart or instructions for diagnosing household problems that can be easily fixed without you being there.

For example, if you were an IT professional you could provide a chart with the title “Do not call tech support before trying these secret hacks” If you were a local doctor you could distribute one saying “When you need to call a doctor”.
You could also help to get enquiries to your business or professional firm by outlining circumstances in which they should call. For example a plumbing professional could put a guide detailing “Top 10 Tell-Tale signs to get your pipes checked” or if you were a restaurant you could put “5 Reasons you need to take a break from Cooking.”

These are a great way of building customer trust while all-around promoting your business and educating your clientele.

Information magnets are really popular amongst restaurants as they are often used as menu magnets. This allows customers to simply call up and book or order straight off the front of their refrigerator.

Even if you didn’t necessarily want your information magnets to be directly related to your business and industry, customers are always happy to receive them. Useful tools that can be used in your customers’ kitchens are great. These could include dieting information magnets, kitchen conversion information magnets, when to throw toss old food out information magnets and more. The possibilities for information magnets are only limited by your imagination.

In addition to having a heap of useful information, information magnets are a useful tool themselves. Potential clients can use them to stick bills, photos or invitations straight onto the front of their refrigerator for easy access later on. This added functionality is one of factors contributing to the abnormally long keep times of refrigerator magnets, which is usually about 5 years or more.

Because refrigerator magnets are more useful and because they seem significantly more substantial, the rate at which they are kept compared to spammy junk mail flyers is much higher, meaning your direct mail campaign or trade show will have a much greater impact. Clients really appreciate receiving something useful compared to trash they toss the moment they are done reading it.

While information magnets tend to be ordered in a square or rectangular shape, allow the ordering of stock or custom shapes without any additional setup costs, meaning to can fully customize even the shape of the refrigerator magnet itself. This is a great way to make the design of your information magnet stand out even more or relate directly to your business or industry, further boosting their effectiveness.

Order your information magnets today and educate your customers every time they walk past or open their refrigerator.

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