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To Do List Magnets

Want to provide your customers with a useful tool they can use everyday. You should order branded to do list magnets. Your potential clients would love to do list magnets because they are useful, helping them to keep them organised for their daily or weekly tasks.

To do list magnets tend to be a larger size magnet to allow for enough writing space for your clients to write on them. This means you get a lot of advertising space on your refrigerator that your customers are actually grateful for.

The beauty of the to do list refrigerator magnet is the ability for your clients to easily write tasks with a whiteboard marker that they can easily erase once complete for reuse. Every time a customer uses the whiteboard, they see your business information, increasing top of mind recall of your brand and prompting customers to call you when they need your services without the need for google search.

This essentially means that with to do list magnets, you can avoid the adwords bidding wars and expensive clicks entirely, meaning more money in your pocket while the orders and enquiries continue to roll through.

In addition to the to do list on the magnet, these refrigerator magnets are useful on their own. They can be stuck onto the front of the refrigerator, making them one of the most prominent forms of advertising in the home. They can hold up other household objects such as photos or bills, allowing customers to be even more organised. Heck, some even stick up a bill and write on the to do list magnet ‘PAY THIS BILL’.

To do list magnets are also a more significant promotional gift than printed flyers or business cards. Their more sturdy material makes them seem more valuable, prompting customers to keep them or put them on the refrigerator for later, instead of being stashed in a drawer or tossed in the trash where nobody can see them.

The inherent usefulness of to do list magnets makes you potential clients not only want to keep them, but keep them for longer. On average customers who receive a to do list magnet will keep it for around 5 years. That is 5 years of in home advertising from just the single to do list magnet.

To do list magnets are great for prompting repeat sales because of the long-term exposure they create for your business. They constantly show off your logo and business info every time somebody goes to write something on them, but also every time someone visits the refrigerator for a delicious snack or refreshing beverage.

You know what to do. Develop top of mind recall and start getting long term and loyal customers by ordering to do list magnets today!

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