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WhiteBoard Magnets

Whiteboard magnets are an awesome promotional gift to give to your potential clients. They love to receive them and regularly use them. Because your branding and business information is on the whiteboard magnet, they develop top of mind recall of your business which prompts them to call you when your services are needed, before they even consider any competitors.

Your branded whiteboard magnets are a useful tool that potential clients would love to receive. They sit up in a prominent place on the refrigerator for everyone in the household to see everyday over the life of the magnet. In addition, whiteboard magnets have two distinct functions that make them incredibly useful and in turn, more valuable to customers.

The first function of the whiteboard magnet is of course as a whiteboard. They can be written on using a whiteboard marker, allowing household members the ability to leave special notes or reminders for one another to help them with their daily or weekly tasks. Every time, it is written on or read, your business info is seen.

The other use for whiteboard magnets is simply as a refrigerator magnet. They can be used to hold important notes, bills and photos on a customer’s refrigerator for easy access. The versatility and usefulness of whiteboard magnets make potential clients not only happy to receive them, but make them want to keep them for a long time.

Branded magnetic whiteboards tend to have significantly higher keep rates than other printed promotional media such as business cards and flyers which typically get trashed or stashed once their content has been read. The reason is because once read, those forms of media serve no other purpose. Whiteboard magnets are different.

A typical custom magnetic whiteboard is kept by a client for an average of 5 years. The whiteboard magnet advertises your business everyday for its lifetime, making it a really effective and long term method of advertising.

Because potential clients are exposed to your business information over a long period of time, they grow a sense of familiarity with your branding, prompting them to call you first when your services are needed. This can help you circumvent expensive bidding wars on adwords and eliminates the need for time consuming and constantly changing organic search engine optimisation.

Whiteboard magnets are typically ordered as squares or rectangles but we can manufacture them in any shape you like. Let your creativity run wild!

Let your whiteboard magnet be the advertisement that makes your business shine brighter than all the rest. Be there for your customers by getting your very own branded whiteboard magnets.

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