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Special Events Magnets

Special event magnets are an amazing way to build hype and awareness for your upcoming event. They are excellent for advertising concerts, sporting events, recitals, plays, advance movie screenings, store events and more.

Fans would be bummed out if they missed out on your event. The problem is, if you hand out flyers, many people will toss them before they even get home, meaning if they forget about it, you are missing out on getting that fan to attend your event. Those flyers that do manage to get into the home find themselves being stashed in drawers, under beds, or between sofa cushions.

Enter special event magnets. They have more tangibility and feel more valuable to customers than a flyer, driving keep rates through the roof. In addition, special event magnets have the ability to be easily stuck on to the front of the refrigerator, meaning they get seen everyday someone enters the kitchen or goes to fix up a snack or beverage.

This works to gather a ton of awareness for your event, prompting even just visitors to attend. Special event magnets make sure that if an event is coming up, everybody knows about it.

Because they have the added use of being able to hold other items such as photos and documents on the fridge, people often keep them after the event has happened just because they are that useful.

They also hold sentimental value for those people who attended and enjoyed your event, functioning as special mementos and a reminder of the awesome time they had. The are great for social media too because customers can easily use your magnet to hold up a photo they took at your event, and then snap a photo of that for Instagram or Facebook.

All this comes together to drive attendance rates even higher, increasing the ticket demand for your next event.

Special event magnets can be ordered in a number of different formats. Straight edged, otherwise known as square corner special event magnets, rounded corner special event magnets and shaped special event magnets.

Shaped special event magnets are the best kind if you want to ensure that your magnet really stands out. They appear unique and due to the shape can relate directly to your event. We do not charge any additional setup fee in order to get a custom shape, that way you can get the exact shape you want.
Start promoting your event and get potential attendees talking with special event magnets.

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