Price Protection

Price Protection
Found it cheaper?
We'll refund the difference, even up to 30 days after
your purchase!
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In order for a product to qualify for our price beat guarantee, the product must meet the following criteria:

The product must share the same specifications, including size, cut type and quantity.


The cheaper price must be available to anyone, including and offer a similar turnaround time.


The cheaper price must be offered by an American company in the USA.


The competitors price must include all delivery, artwork & setup costs.® are the leading manufacturer of custom made magnets in theUSA. We pride ourselves on providing products of insane quality and extremely low prices.

We believe when you shop with us, you should always get the best deal available on the market and have set our prices to reflect this.

Sometimes though, competitors try to undercut us in a feeble attempt to get some kind of work and compete with us. This is problematic for us because we would feel bad if you went with a competitor who had dropped their prices to entice you in, only for you to find that you bought an inferior product, were provided terrible or slow service or worse, were hit with a bunch of sneaky hidden charges.

There is no reason why price should be a barrier for you to shop with®. Our Price Protection Policy protects you from any new deals or price drops by allowing you to supmit a price challenge even after you purchase your magnets.

How does it work?
Find it cheaper and we'll refund the difference, even up to 30 days AFTER you place your order.

Buy direct and save!

  1. Special Pricing from® or their competitors
  2. Wholesale Pricing from manufacturers
  3. Any Online or Corporate Pricing
  4. Any Trade Pricing

To check whether a product qualifies for our price beat guarantee, the product must meet the following criteria:

  1. They must have the same product specs, including size, cut type and quantity
  2. They must have prices freely available to both® and the general public
  3. They must include all extra charges such as artwork, shipping and card charges
  4. They must be able to be delivered within a similar timeframe
  5. They must be advertised and offered by an American company in the United States

Why the extra 30 days?
If you need your magnets fast and don't have time to wait for new quotes or shop around, the extra 30 days simply allows you to order and get your magnets from us to ensure you meet your deadline and once you receive them, you can then make time to go and look at those prices.

Buy the best from the best with confidence. Shop at® and you are guaranteed to get the best deal on the market.

How to claim?
Simply fill out the form (above), upload a competitor's quote, or send your price enquiry through to

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