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Slimline Magnets

Slimline magnets are a special kind of refrigerator magnet categorised by the dimensions they are ordered in. At first glance, slimline magnets appear to be quite small but because they are quite long, they actually have a very large advertising space for you to put your business information on.

While customers tend to love refrigerator magnets, if they take up too much space on their refrigerator, they can sometimes seem quite intrusive. It can be quite a dilemma for marketing creatives when trying to have an impact with fridge magnets, while not being overly intrusive. One way to achieve this is through the use of slimline refrigerator magnets.

Refrigerator magnets have really high keep rates for products that are sent in the mail because they are considered valuable and actually have a use after the customer is finished reading them. Many people receiving them put them straight onto the refrigerator for later, allowing for more advertising at a later date. Because refrigerator magnets are kept for an average for more than 5 years, this is way more advertising than you would get out of a flyer or business card that find themselves stashed in a drawer the second someone is done looking at them.

Also, people are generally thankful when you provide them with a refrigerator magnet. They can be used to organize household items such as notes, bills and photos on a refrigerator, making them a great organisational tool for customers. Slimline magnets are great at this.

Slimline magnets ordered in the landscape orientation are sometimes referred to as panoramic magnets and are excellent at showing off the awesome view from a popular tourist destination or for acting as a letterhead for documents stuck on the refrigerator.

A popular type of slimline refrigerator magnet is a measuring refrigerator magnet. This kind of slimline magnet has measurements accurately printed onto them so that customers have an easy access magnetic ruler that they can use to measure things in their home or office. Because the slimline ruler magnet contains your logo, branding or business information, people who use it are constantly reminded of you and are more likely to call you above any of your competitors when your services are needed.

Better yet, because slimline magnets help to build top of mind recall, this tends to happen without the need for a google search, meaning you get enquiries without having to compete in an adwords bidding war. Depending on your industry, this has the potential to save you a lot of money on advertising.

Slimline magnets are your new sneaky, covert way of slipping your business info onto your customer’s refrigerators. They advertise 24 hours, 7 days a week all year round. Order yours today to start advertising, and watch the additional enquiries and orders come through.

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