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Business Card Magnets

Business Card Magnets are a cost efficient way of advertising your business because they have higher keep rates than regular business cards and flyers, which often get thrown into the bin once they are received, and are usually kept by customers for long periods of time (often 5 years or more).

Magnetic business cards also have the added edge of being placed in a nice and prominent place in a customer’s home, usually on the front of the refrigerator, unlike regular business cards that always find themselves locked away in drawers, cupboards and between sofa cushions.

Because business card magnets are placed in such a prominent position in the home, they are seen by every member of a household regularly, meaning you score a massive amount of exposure for your business over the course of the magnet’s life.

Better still, your customers would love to be on the receiving end of one of these magnetic business cards as they are more substantial than the regular kind and that shows that you actually give a damn about your precious clients.

Additionally, business card magnets are actually useful. They give your customers the ability to hold and organize important documents, bills and photos on their refrigerator, making them even more valuable and encouraging clients to hold onto them even longer.

Many businesses nowadays are facing growing competition in online and social advertising channels, with bid prices increasing and shorter customer attention spans. Avoid that can of worms altogether and advertise in the real world every time someone goes to get a snack or refreshment out of their refrigerator.

Business Card Magnets are fully customizable and you have many different options available to you when it comes to design. We offer some industry standard sizes but we have the manufacturing capability to create any size you would like.

Typically, magnetic business cards include your business or company logo and your contact details, but you can include other additional information such as your address, your products and/or services, or a tagline, slogan or unique selling proposition.

There are two distinct pricing tiers for business card magnets. These are the straight edge, otherwise known as square cut magnets, and the die cut magnets. Straight edge magnets are usually a little cheaper but often lose a bit of visual and graphic appeal compared to the die cut magnets.

Die cut business card magnets allow you a lot of versatility with your design as they can be made into pretty much any shape you can think of. Some customers however simply elect to put rounded corners on their magnetic business cards.

At, we only deal with customers who take advertising their business seriously. That’s why our minimum order quantity on business card magnets is 1,000 units. Our research indicates that campaign success drops significantly when ordering fewer than this amount.

It’s time to take your local business to the next level with your very own set of custom business card magnets. Order yours today and start promoting from your clients’ refrigerators!

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