Custom Shaped Magnets

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Custom Shaped Magnets are amazing tools that enable you to have a completely unique design that no other business has. They are eye-catching, stand out and are a great way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Due to their attractive and unique design, clients keep them more often than other types of magnets and like them for decorative as well as for functional purposes.

One of the most popular uses for custom shaped refrigerator magnets is to use them as branding magnets. Branding fridge magnets are great for raising the awareness and improving the familiarity and recognition of your brand in the area you distribute them in. In most cases, branding magnets are made in the shape of your business or brand’s logo to make your potential customers more familiar with it every single time they visit the refrigerator for a beverage or snack.

Because branding magnets look cool and unique they are really eye-catching, one of the main components that makes them great for raising brand awareness and brand recognition. They are made in the shape of your logo so no other company can mimic or copy it. Your ticket to build up your brand is with branded refrigerator magnets.

Until now, it had been incredibly unpopular to get custom shaped magnets due to the extremely expensive charges that companies would put on getting a custom die made up. Those days are over. We don’t charge anything for die setup, meaning you can get your custom shaped fridge magnets for less.

These are high quality and allow you to dominate in the local market, because for every house and every fridge your custom shaped refrigerator magnet enters, you’re getting years of quality advertising. Most refrigerator magnets are kept for 5 years or more. One of the contributing factors for this long keep time is the inherent usefulness of refrigerator magnets. They can be stuck on the fridge for easy access later, but they also allow potential clients to organise other things on the front of their refrigerator such as documents, notes, bills and photos. This is way better for your brand or business than having your paper flyers or business cards tossed in the trash or stashed away in a drawer.

Custom shaped magnets also have high keep rates compared to other kinds of printed advertising. In addition to their cool and unique design, they feel much more substantial than business cards and flyers. Customers appreciate this and it conveys that you actually care about them and are not hitting them with spammy junk mail. As mentioned previously, this prompts them to keep them instead of trashing them the second they are done reading them.

Custom shaped magnets are awesome. If you want to make your brand or business stand out in your local area over the next few years, look no further.

In addition to the high keep rates and long keep times, they also get a ton of exposure. The kitchen, and in particular the refrigerator is one of the most visited places in a household. Everybody uses it. People need to eat and drink after all. With your custom shaped refrigerator magnet sitting in a nice prominent place on the fridge, you know your business is getting the exposure it deserves.

It’s time to start making your business known. Order custom shaped fridge magnets today and start getting more recognition and awareness of your business or brand.

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