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Calendar magnets are excellent at providing leads and enquiries to your professional firm and sales to your business. The intricate calendar design is difficult to replicate, making you stand above your competitors in the mind of your customers.

They are incredibly useful so customers not only like receiving them, but they keep them for long periods of time as well. If you advertise using custom magnetic calendars, it is highly likely that you will have some clients patiently awaiting the next time you send them one.

One key benefit of calendar magnets is that clients can refer to them when they want to check important dates throughout the year such as school holidays, public holidays or even your own upcoming events. Because customers look at your magnetic calendar often, they also absorb your business information, making your company among the first considered when they require your services.

Typically, calendar magnets require a large area to accommodate for the calendar itself. This is a good thing. This means that you take up a large amount of advertising real estate on the refrigerators of potential clients.

Magnetic calendars are also in high demand. End-users are actually okay with buying one for themselves from one of the countless stores on Amazon, eBay and etsy selling them. As a result, clients who receive refrigerator calendars for free from a local business really are thankful for receiving them.

The magnetic component of a calendar magnet is also a useful tool in of itself, as it allows your clients to position important reminders, photos and other documents on their refrigerator. Your magnetic calendar keeps them organized which again makes clients thankful and want to use your services over anybody else’s when they need them.

More than anything, magnetic calendars show your clients that you actually care about and value them, as you provide them with a tangible, useful tool they can use, rather than spamming them with useless flyers that will get thrown in the trash the second they are done reading them.

Calendar magnets are fully customizable, allowing you to adjust the colors and positioning of the calendar and business information however you please. Because there are no setup fees, you can get any shape you want, meaning your custom calendar magnets can really stand out.

Because we deal only with businesses who are serious about owning the market in their local area, our minimum order quantity for calendar magnets is 1,000 units. Our research shows that the effectiveness of a campaign grows significantly once the magnets distributed exceeds this many units.

You should not delay ordering your custom calendar magnets any longer. Every day that goes by is a day that customers aren’t looking at your branded magnetic calendar on your fridge.

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